Education for Children

Our School Program


Education reduces poverty, transforms lives, and helps children reach their full potential. The community trusts and contributes to fostering the safe and welcoming environment provided by the Somali Hope Academy. As such, enrollment has increased by approximately 30% year after year.

Students come from diverse backgrounds and challenging circumstances. These include orphans, children from nomadic/pastoral families, and marginalized or internally displaced children. Our school is committed to free, equitable education. All children are welcomed, supported, and given hope through education.

With an evidence-based, purpose-driven approach, the Somali Hope Foundation knows what a critical difference education makes in many aspects of life. The school program is a rigorous one, designed to help students succeed in Bursalah and beyond.

It includes:
Compulsory courses including Math and Science
Teaching Multilingualism – Arabic, English, Somali
A curriculum aligned and compliant with government standards
Supplementary programs on topics such as robotics, art, environment, hygiene, and supportive program on dealing with substance abuse.

Highly qualified teachers with professional designations. The results of the caliber of teaching, the strength of the curriculum, and the enthusiasm of students to learn are reflected in their strong academic results. For example, our Grade 8 class recently had a 100% pass rate on the Somalia-wide exams, which were taken in English.

The Somali Hope Academy applies a holistic approach to the education and well-being of our students. Importantly, we recognize that without adequate nutrition, it is a challenge to concentrate on schoolwork. Therefore, we provide a breakfast program to our students and are committed to servicing a source of clean water to the community.