From Aid to Sustainability in Education

Research Title: From aid to sustainability in education

Stakeholders: The University of Bristol, Transparency Solutions & Somali Hope Foundation

Start Date: December 01, 2021

End Date: June 30, 2022

Research Summary


Issue being Investigated
From aid to sustainability in education

Why is it important?
A major issue in education for sustainable development is how low income rural communities in low income countries can transition from aid dependence in the education sector to selfreliance and do so in ways that reduce inequalities and value indigenous knowledge. Transitioning from reliance on aid to financial self-sufficiency is a fundamental component of sustainable

Research will address the following areas:
• Education and sustainable livelihoods
• Education and sustainable cities/ communities
• Education for climate action
The project addresses and indeed combines the TESF priority issues of education for sustainable livelihoods (SDG8), education for sustainable communities (SDG11) and reducing inequalities (SDG). SDG8 is addressed because the project uses the school as a springboard to revenue generation via the well. This in turn contributes to the viability of the community by providing education and means to pay for it and other things.

What are the main aims and research questions that will be addressed
• To assist Hope Academy’s attempt to transition to financial self reliance.
• To generate new knowledge about this attempt.
• To suggest lessons from this process for other schools in a similar position within and beyond Somalia.
• To contribute to enhanced livelihoods, a more sustainable community, reduced inequalities and recognition of indigenous knowledge.